Featured Artist: Ane Brun

by May 28, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Ane BrunAne Brun is a talented artist from Molde, Norway, who runs her own record label (Balloon Ranger Recordings) while still managing to create captivating and deeply expressive tunes. As a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, Ane Brun is highly involved in the production of her music. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2001, and has recorded eight albums since 2003. Her latest, and album named It All Starts With One, stars it’s first single named Do You Remember (below), released in 2011.

With a bit of a vintage feel, her videos represent a lively and misty interpretation that a listener might have (all with a hint of distress). The track below, Koop Island Blues, is a collaboration between Ane Brun and Koop from a few years back. Listen to Ane Brun while lounging around in your pajamas, or while wearing a fluffy tutu (either one is just fine). Happy listening!

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