Featured Artist: Beast

by May 21, 2012
filed under Entertainment

BeastBeast is a “trip-rock” duo based in Montreal. It draws on deep and dark images of every day life, while creating a sort of mix of meanings ultimately left up to the listener to decode for themself. Beast includes drummer/producer Jean-Phi Goncalves and singer Betty Bonifassi who, before uniting, spent years alone in the music industry collaborating with many other artists before finding the right fit. When they worked on their first track together, they realized that their varying styles produced a unique sound and they decided to make an album together which is now self-titled Beast. They first performed on-stage in 2008, and since then have been playing at a variety of venues – some big, some small, but constantly winning crowds over and rocking any space.

I like the contrast Beast creates by combining rap and rock. Their sound is captivating and haunting. The song Hurricane (above) is one of their most popular songs while Out of Control (below) is another one of my personal favorites. Their website is also an adventure. Here lies an original group that expands the perceived boundaries of music. Please enjoy Beast while making a craft or while relaxing outside on the grass. Happy listening!

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