Fun in the Sun(glasses)

by May 1, 2012
filed under Style

My favorite part of the spring and the summer is wearing a variety of sunglasses in different shapes and colours.

80s sunglassesThe neon ’80′s sunglasses that remind me of skateboarders and break-dancers practicing their art on the pavement are my current favorite shape. This shape of sunglasses works really well on oval and heart-shaped faces. If you have an angular face, you may find the severe lines of this style of glasses aren’t for you.

Aviator SunglassesAviators have always been around – like mullets. Unlike mullets, aviators have always looked really cool and badass. The shape of these Terminator-inspired beauties is perfect for more angular or long faces.

Jackie O SunglassesBig, round sunglasses have made their marks in style since the 1960′s. This style can overwhelm a lot of face shapes, particularly the heart-shaped face whose small chin seems disproportionate. Big, round sunglasses look really good on square-shaped faces whose strong jaw-line balances these large frames.

No matter what face shape you are, be assured there is a stylish way to express yourself and protect your pretty peepers during the sunny months!

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