New Mommy Update: First Mother’s Day

by May 13, 2012
filed under Life

First Mother's Day

This Sunday is the first Mother’s Day of my life. It comes one day after my daughter hits her ten week mark. You might say that it’s a rather important day for me.

Being a mother is wonderful and exhausting, rewarding and draining, frustrating and worth every minute of my time. I don’t know how women do it alone, or with partners who don’t help out around the house. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that motherhood isn’t a full-time job.

I cook, clean, do laundry, change diapers, wipe baby puke off my chest, have a baby attached to me the majority of the time (you know, since I’m her source of food and all), have a little person screaming in my ear if I don’t feed her the second she realizes she’s hungry, wake up multiple times in the night to feed that baby, eat with one hand because I’m holding a nursing baby in the other arm, stop whatever I’m doing to go take care of a crying baby, and on occasion I sit down somewhere and cry because I’m exhausted and I think I can’t handle it anymore.

You know what though? It’s worth every minute of frustration, because I also get unlimited snuggles from a warm, soft baby. I get smiles and giggles and her first, mangled attempts at words. I get to read books out loud, sing silly songs, dance around like a lunatic, and speak French with no one around to judge me. I’ll most likely be there to watch her first steps, hear her first words, watch her sit up and crawl for the first time, feed her that first bite of solid food, hear her sing along to the radio, watch her dance along to the characters on the TV, cheer her on when she goes pee on the “big kid toilet,” teach her to tie her shoes, send her off to school for the first time, and on and on and on. I get to watch a person grow up – a person that grew inside of my body.

I’ll take all the nasty diapers and sour milk spit up if it means I get to hear a babbled “I love you,” and I won’t even pout that much if she says “Daddy” before she says “Mommy.”

Since restaurants and stores are ridiculously crowded on Mother’s Day, we celebrated last weekend by getting my fiance’s mother to babysit and going out to lunch and a movie. We will also be having some sort of picnic on Sunday, since the weather is supposed to be lovely.

I always appreciated my mother when I was growing up, and my brothers and I always bought cards and presents for her. Now that I’m a mother myself, I get to be on the receiving end. Both my mother and mother-in-law gave me cards, my first Mother’s Day cards ever.

That being said, the best part of Mother’s Day won’t be getting a card. It will be spending quality time with my daughter and my fiancé; my little family. Nothing can, or will, ever beat that.

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