Pocket Rocket Review

by May 26, 2012
filed under Sex & Dating

You don’t have to work for NASA to operate this rocket. However, a degree in opening packages might come in handy. But once I finally wrestled the Rocket free from its packaging, I was greeted by something resembling a tube of lipstick. Also included were four plastic caps that fit over the end. There were no batteries included, but it only requires one AA – so it’s fairly cheap to run, unlike a giant space shuttle. So, onto the true test of any sex toy – all together now – 10, 9, 8, 7 blast off!

Despite its size, this Rocket packs a very powerful punch. Not quite enough to send me to another planet, but I was surprised at just how much juice this baby could deliver. The main disadvantage I found was it sounded like a hedge trimmer. Also, the vibrations traveled along the entire shaft of the toy and up to my wrists. At first I found both disconcerting and distracting, but I soldiered on like a good astronaut and soon forgot about both. I did find that a little lube was a definite must, as the vibrations were pretty intense on first contact. If you’re like me and don’t particularly enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, be warned and make sure you avoid that sensitive area. It will sure send you into orbit ( but not the type we are trying to achieve).

I found concentrating the vibrations around other areas, such as my pelvic bone and outer lips much more pleasing. But that’s just me. The attachment with no knobbles worked best, as the others were really too intense, sensation wise. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, and for many women it would work wonderfully – but not so much for me.

My research assistant (formally known as my boyfriend) wasn’t particularly impressed with the Rocket or its vibrations. He found them a little too intense and distracting when we tried it. He also complained about the noise it made, something I discovered could be dulled a little by placing a small piece of paper between the casing and the battery. Can we say female Macgyver much? Now, this is a guy who’s not afraid to try new things (or toys for that matter), but he really wasn’t keen on this one. I tried convincing him, but it didn’t help when I placed the rocket on the bed and it decided to slither across like an alien on a collision course with earth. It did make for a lot of laughs though, which isn’t such a bad thing in the bedroom.

The Pocket Rocket is small and compact, which is always a plus in the real world. The fact that it delivers such intense vibes is also great. Now, if we could have just gotten NASA to work on quieting it down a little, this for me would have made it the perfect traveling companion. For my boyfriend and I, it turned out to be a solo play toy. But it was fun exploring its potentials and pitfalls all the same. That’s what sex toys are all about, after all. Oh, and achieving orgasms. So ladies, have fun playing!

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