Seven Day Distraction

by May 2, 2012
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Seven Day Distraction

The first week after my break-up I was a soggy mess of 1 part denial, 1 part hurt and angry, 2 parts desperate to call my ex and a dash of what-the-hell-do-I-do-now. All I could think about was the break-up, my ex and how much pain I was in. The temptation in these cases was to bury myself in pints of choco-chunk ice-cream and shots of tequila, scotch or anything else handy. And to be fair, a gurl needs to allow herself some wallowing time. But what I really needed was anything that could make me feel happy or relaxed, even for a minute.

So I have compiled one week’s worth of activities that aren’t depressing. Most of these can be done on your own (though a couple require a group) and every one of them is guaranteed to get your mind off your worries. You won’t get over your ex in a week, but you can sure as hell make the early days of the break-up more bearable! There are tons of things you can do when you are heart-broken that aren’t destructive to your pride, your liver or your waist-line.

Monday: Volunteer to be a puppy cuddler.

I kid you not. You can volunteer for Dogs with Wings in Edmonton to pet, snuggle, and cuddle fluffy bundles of love. I doubt your broken heart can challenge the over-powering puppy powers of extreme adorableness!

Tuesday: Hula hoop class.

Wiggle your worries away! Flowlab in Edmonton has hooping classes that can teach the beginner and the super swiveler. Go with your friends and make mockeries of yourselves, or go alone and meet some fun people. One of the most helpful things in getting over a break-up is letting new people into your life.

Wednesday: Drum circle.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Show up. Sit in a Circle. Beat your drum. I swear, no matter how angry, hurt or sad you are when you enter a drum circle, you leave feeling energized. You don’t need skill and you don’t need a drum. Bring 5 dollars for the circle facilitator, and there will be plenty of percussion instruments for you to try and the friendliest people you will ever meet. In Edmonton, Whyte Noise Drum Circle meets every Wednesday night.

Thursday: Tutti Frutti date with yourself or friends.

So. Many. Toppings! You grab a cup, you fill it with whatever flavour of frozen yogurt you want and as many toppings as you can think of and then you pay by weight (which is dangerous when you get as excited about this as me). Plus, in Edmonton it’s on Whyte Ave so you can make a day of activities (drinks, shopping, food) based around dessert! You don’t need pints of ice cream to mend your broken heart, but treating yourself sure can help, especially with good company.

Friday: Salsa dancing!

Azucar Picante in Edmonton has some great Mexican food, and at 9pm, there is a salsa lesson before the restaurant turns into a salsa club. Tons of fun for a $10 cover charge. With a fun group of ladies, there is no way you will be thinking about your ex!

Saturday: Rapid Fire Theatre CHiMPROV.

Every Saturday night at 11 pm (except the last Saturday of the month), Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton does CHiMPROV, and it is pee-your-pants hilarious. You can never predict what is going to happen, and everyone is there to laugh and have a great time, so you can’t help getting sucked into the fun.

Sunday: The shooting range.

This one is a little pricier, but oh-so-satisfying. At Wild West Shooting Range in Edmonton, you can rent a gun for $26, and then buy bullets ($36.oo for 50 shots in a 9mm, prices vary). If this doesn’t get rid of some of that pent up anger and frustration, nothing will.

And that is just a start. If you are newly-single, embrace your new-found free time in your city. Fill your days with things you love to do or want to try. Go with old friends, or go out of your way to make some new ones. Remember: Have fun, and don’t hold back!

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