The Big Brown Wall With Nothing Upon It

by May 14, 2012
filed under Style

The Big Brown Wall With Nothing Upon ItThis past summer I moved into my bachelorette pad in the first high rise I have ever lived in. Being not so good at building things but very good at giving orders, I had my very attractive and very helpful friend Kevin help me put up shelves. Unfortunately in the process, I ended up with two semi-large holes in the wall beside my bed because as it turns out, that wall was devoid of studs, or something. So, now I need to fix this wall situation, and what a great opportunity to document my economical decorating solution to this problem that has plagued me for months.

Now, when I say it has plagued me for months, I mean, months. That wall has been a blank canvass unto which I stare at day after day, and I’m pretty sure that those two little holes in the wall have just grown bigger and bigger and bigger. Yesterday I almost fit my head inside one of them, and I was sure they were just two little holes for a shelf.

In the classic me way, I finally came up with a solution when I was desperately searching for a washroom. I found these marvelous little clothes pins. I’m sure you can get them at craft stores. I don’t know if anything like this has happened to any of you out there, but sometimes a problem can just be weighing you down for so long until you forget about it and find something perfect to bring everything together.

So, to rewind a little, my little bachelorette pad is a little odd, and I’ve had to use creative solutions to divide up the space. The “big brown wall” happens to be beside my bed, and is adjacent to both a white wall with vinyl birds, and another shorter wall with white shelves and photos of birds (I like birds, just not ones in cages – but that’s another story). So, any ideas for the wall had to essentially mesh with the rest of the room, and with the colours (blue and yellow and red), and with the birds, because apparently I’m living in some twisted kind of Hitchcock fantasy world.

What I eventually decided to do was string some more photos of birds along a ‘clothes line’ with the clothes pins, and do up some random canvasses with mixed media and put weird pictures of birds on them. I’m not really sure how else to describe them; somehow the clothes pins inspired me to do the canvasses. I did use some Mod Podge and fabric though. I have to say, Mod Podge is amazing. If you’re ever in a creative slump, you should check out their blog. I can always find cool things to make from that site.

Isn’t it funny how for months and months you can let some small little hang-nail build up until it becomes a gaping hemorrhaging wound? I do it all the time. Then I forget about it because it makes me so mad, like that stupid brown wall with nothing on it but two holes – until something just comes to me. I think it’s something to do with the way our creative minds have to organize themselves. Sometimes we have to force the creativity out, while the rest of the time, if there’s no time limit, we can just let the ideas happen when they’re supposed to happen.

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