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by June 23, 2012
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Flurt! and its partners will be hosting the 2012 Edmonton SlutWalk to benefit Hollaback Alberta, a movement to end street violence. SlutWalk is taking place on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 12:00 pm. Participants of SlutWalk will gather at the Alberta Legislative Steps and will commence a sidewalk march and rally on the legislative grounds and downtown.

SlutWalk began as a small idea in Toronto in 2011 to fight back against victim-blaming and sex-shaming around sexual violence. The co-founders were galvanized into action and took their name from a Toronto police officer who referred to women and survivors of sexual assault as “sluts” and suggested women “dressing like sluts” were inviting their own victimization.

The prevalence of this attitude drew many to this cause to end blaming victims of sexual violence, and judging peoples’ worth by their bodies and what they do with them. In the last year, this fight has spread to over 200 cities around the world, where independent organizers have staged locally-driven SlutWalks and SlutWalk-inspired events. SlutWalk started, and is still going, because so many people around the world have had enough.

Edmonton SlutWalk 2011

SlutWalk is a protest against victim blaming. By coming together as a community, participants and organizers aim to spread awareness of rape culture in the hope to eradicate sexual stigma. Organizers and participants strongly believe that no one deserves to be touched without their consent or catcalled as if they are an object – no matter what they wear, who they associate with, or who they are.

Additional information on Edmonton’s SlutWalk can be found at yegslutwalk.com.
Further information on supporting organizations of Edmonton’s SlutWalk can be found at flurtsite.com or alberta.ihollaback.org.

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