Featured Artist: Sia

by June 4, 2012
filed under Entertainment

SiaSia Furler (better known as just Sia) is an Australian artist who offers a sweetly imaginative perspective of pop music. Since 1997, she has been focusing on her solo career as a singer/songwriter, but never gained much recognition until she moved to the UK a few years after. Sia has released five albums and is beginning to collaborate with more American pop artists (most recently, David Guetta and Flo Rida) boosting North American attention in a big way. Her most recent album We Are Born (2010) features these two feel-good tracks to make you want to put on your dancing pants and prance along.

It’s nice to see a pop artist who doesn’t manipulate sex appeal to gain popularity. Pure talent and individuality are her preferred tools for building her career.  From her live performances to her music videos, Sia is charming while she is dressed in buttons, stripes, dots, bows, and frills. Happy Listening!

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