Green Yard Care

by June 11, 2012
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Green Yard CareNow that the snow is gone and the grass is green, it’s time to talk about yard care. With every commercial pushing fertilizer and gas-powered tools, grass is a hard thing to keep earth friendly. Therefore, I am going to give you some yard care tips to help get your yard green and keep it green.

Every year around this time you start to smell fresh cut grass – one of the best and happiest smells that I know. A push reel mower – one that cuts the grass only with your own muscle power – is indeed the greenest way to cut your grass. No gas, no exhaust, no fighting with power cords and no spike in your electric bill. Push Reel mowers are definitely more effective if you have a small, manageable piece of land.

On larger yards, the amount of time that they take to cut through might discourage you from using a push reel mower. In that case, there are more options than just the traditional pull start. The electric mowers and whippersnappers are usually a good choice. The constant power spins your blades so that they are much quieter than the gas jobs. The one downside is the extension cord you are forced to drag around with you. An option against this is to find a product that offers rechargeable battery power. Just like battery powered drills and saws, many yard implements come with the same type of ingenuity and rechargeable battery options. Just make sure that you are looking for 44-volt lithium ion batteries. The NiCad (nickel cadmium) batteries don’t last as long and are not being recycled in Canada anymore.

But fertilizing your lawn can be green too. You don’t need to use a harmful chemical to help your lawn grow. There are many other types of fertilizer for your lawn that are natural and green. Composted manure is fantastic for new trees and grass. Composted chicken manure is also really good for new trees and flowerbeds. Many zoos offer some form of composted zoo poo and if there is a chicken farm (like Lilydale) in your area/

When it comes to pesticide, you can make your own by mixing a few teaspoons of dish soap and a gallon of water. Spray it on the underside of leaves and it will keep insects away. Just be sure to get an eco-friendly dish soap.

Collecting rain water is another amazing way to be green. Set up a rain barrel under one of your eaves and collect that water to water your houseplants and lawn. Not only is it better for your houseplants than tap water, but it also helps you be ready for a dry spell. Your grass only needs about a half-inch of rain water a week to grow properly, so save water and don’t drag your hoses out every day. If you get a submersible pump and attach your hose to it, you can water your lawn with the rain water as well.

Green yard care is easier than you think. Besides, spraying with fertilizer and harmful pesticides is a lot of work. So set up a rain barrel, take out a push reel mower and pick up some zoo poo to make your lawn look good in an environmental-friendly way.

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