Hollaback! Alberta

by June 23, 2012
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Hollaback Alberta

July 2012 – Hollaback! Alberta

Hollaback! is a global movement that works to end street harassment. They believe everyone has the right to feel safe without being objectified, and that sexual harassment is a gateway crime towards tolerating gender-based violence.

By collecting stories and pictures to educate young minds, Hollaback! Alberta works to break the silence of sexual violence. Through cell phones and the internet, they use the power of technology to bring power to the people.

Flurt! is proud to partner with Hollaback! Alberta in conjunction with SlutWalk this year. We believe victim blaming and street harassment go hand in hand, and by joining forces we can have a greater impact in creating the world we wish to live in.

Join Hollaback! and Flurt! on July 7th at the Alberta Legislature Grounds, where you can protest against sexual violence for a day, and donate towards a great cause for the future.

For more information on Hollaback! Alberta and SlutWalk, visit http://alberta.ihollaback.org.

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