Attractive Lesbian Mode

by July 9, 2012
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With teenage gurls nowadays, you see a big trend: Attractive Lesbian Mode.

Teenage gurls, desperate for love and attention, pretend to like gurls sexually to call on the attention of teenage boys, who find gurl on gurl action appealing. Two gurls start making out at a party and all the guys show up to watch. Now, the gurls have all kinds of reasons: She looked cute, I was drunk, someone dared me, the guys were watching, I/she was lonely. But of all the reasons, you seldom hear, “because she’s beautiful, I’m attracted to her, I like women.”

Maybe that’s part of the reason being a bisexual woman is so trivialized. When a young woman says she likes both men and women in a romantic way, people have a way of saying, “it’s just a phase.”

That isn’t fair. I am old enough to drink, gamble and be part of a political party that could change the course of our country, but I’m not old enough to decide on my sexual preference with any accuracy? Yes, it must be just a phase I’m going through to lure men.

The problem is we allow it to be trivialized. Everyone knows “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry. Oh, what a wonderful song. I will fully admit to loving this song and having had it stuck in my head for half of my High School years. However, at least half of this song, once you look at the lyrics, is a shame to hear if you’re a bisexual woman who’s ever been slighted by a gurl dabbling in lesbianism.

“Ain’t no big deal.”

I’m the first to advocate that being attracted to both genders is a perfectly natural thing. However, if it’s your first time kissing someone of the same gender and you’re enjoying it quite as much as Katy in the song, you obviously have some serious thinking to do. Your sexuality does matter. Making a decision like this is a big deal, and hopefully, since it isn’t to Katy, it’s not for the other gurl. Trust me; it sucks to be the gurl who’s not sexually confused being kissed by the gurl who just wants to taste my cherry chap-stick.

“It’s not what good girls do, not how they should behave.”

Greatly inspirational words, especially in today’s climate of ignorant idiots targeting anyone of a different sexual orientation, and informing them they’re going to burn in a lake of fire. Does it make me a bad gurl? A naughty gurl maybe, but not a bad person. Yeah Katy, it’s a very helpful thing to society that you feel like kissing this gurl makes you a bad gurl, especially to the gurl herself and all the young ladies who take your words as inspiration towards who they are going to be as young adults. So it’s entirely possible that with lyrics like “just wanna try you on” gurls are going to find it completely acceptable to just be part-time bisexuals. They already do.

Another thing: I am not a lesbian. A lesbian is a woman who only finds women attractive. I am the interesting hybrid that is a bisexual; someone who finds men and women attractive. A “bi-brid” if you will. People don’t seem to understand that being bisexual and lesbian is not the same thing. When people see a girl kissing another girl, they automatically assume she is a lesbian. Bisexuality is one of the less thought about sexualities, for lots of reasons. People assume lesbian before bisexual, because the perception of being bisexual is easier to change than being a lesbian. Once people see you kissing a boy, they don’t believe you like gurls anymore. It’s almost like because you like one gender you can’t like the other. If you look at some men nowadays they look feminine enough for us to get confused fairly easily. People need to start thinking differently about labeling others when they see these kinds of things happening. Reactions need to be changed, and tempered.

And mostly, we need to realize: Bisexuality is a real thing. Not a fling.


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