Comic-Con: As Complied by You

by July 27, 2012
filed under Life

It’s the pinnacle of nerd culture and the dream of just about every geek on the planet. San Diego comic-con draws hundreds of thousands of patrons from all over the globe. I always tell myself that one year, I will go. But unfortunately, this year was not my year. I commiserated with my fellow nerds who didn’t get to go and scoured all of the articles and video clips I could. I looked through all photos posted by the celebrities I follow on twitter.

There were many things I was interested in, such as the Bones panel and the panel with Kate Beaton. Beaton continues to be one of my favourite artists. Her funny comments on history and literature always make me laugh. And the fact that a Canadian woman has her own panel at Comic-Con? Well, I was over the moon about that.

And Bones has always been one of my favourite shows.

But the main focus of my interest was the announcement of which movie Marvel was going to make next. The Iron Man suit display was exciting, including the unveiling of the new Iron Man helmet. But, I was really disappointed. Oh, don’t get me wrong – I was happy that The Winter Solider was going to make an appearance. And I was interested in the second Thor movie. But Marvel…you are putting out 4 movies in the next year or so…and they all star white men. They are even doing an Ant-Man movie before a Black Widow movie.

Thank you, again, for the reminder that comics (and the movies) aren’t meant for anyone who isn’t male, white, straight etc. There are several POC in your comics, LGBTQ characters, disabled characters, female characters. And yet, marvel executives decided to make Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. And they can’t even use the excuse that the regular readers wanted these movies. A recent poll asked people which movie they wanted to see made next. The two main answers? Nick Fury and Black Widow. A black man and a woman to have their own movie? I guess not.

Ubisoft had a panel about Assassins Creed 3 panel, answering some questions about the new game. According to them, the game is going to have an even bigger open world and have even more badass weapons. But an interesting thing is that is going to have actual historical events woven into the story. Ubisoft has said they are going to take accuracy seriously, actually hiring historians to help keep the story on track.

The Fringe cast and crew bid a tearful goodbye, thanking every one for sticking with them for the endurance of their show. This is their final panel and the fans gave them a proper send off, with white tulips and observer hats. The crew promised to give the best final season they could, adding that “it’s not saying goodbye.”

Well, Comic-Con, you and I didn’t get to meet this year. But hopefully, we will have out rendezvous next year. Fingers crossed.

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