Featured Artist: BonJay

by July 9, 2012
filed under Entertainment

BonJay is a Toronto-based duo that mixes heavy bass with some futuristic sounding soul melodies to dance into the depths of the funky night. This is at least how I felt when I saw them perform at the Starlite Room sometime last year. With singer Alanna Stuart conducting the audience into a wave of entrancement and multi-instrumentalist Ian “Pho” Swain transmitting the frequencies, these two artists are able to connect between themselves and with their audience on a level I had never seen before.

In the early stages of touring and releasing music, BonJay has unleashed two EPs, Gimmee Gimmee and Broughtupsy. Listen to these dancehall inspired tunes while feeling in the mood to chill and relax or while your ears are up for something to really get into. Happy Listening!


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