Featured Band: Le Tigre

by July 2, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Le Tigre is an electro-pop punk band that first got together in the late 90s. After meeting at a Bikini Kill show where Kathleen Hanna was playing, her and recent art school graduate Johanna Fateman clicked in the best way. Meeting their third member, JD Samson, is described on their website as a “magical meeting:” “Maybe it was the location, maybe it was the planets, but it was then that our collective subconscious took control and magnetized us to each other forever.” Le Tigre wanted to start “a new kind of feminist pop music, something for our community to dance to.” So, here’s a tune that should get you excited:

Now that you’re excited, you can understand why Le Tigre is so awesome. They place a lot of importance on the visual aspect of shows and music videos so that their music becomes even more exciting to listen to. High energy, passion, and bright colors have been trademarks for these rolling rockers. Rock out to Le Tigre while doing something energetic like eating cake or going for a run (or both at the same time if you’re that talented).

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