Gingers: My One True Vice

by July 27, 2012
filed under Activism

Emma Stone. Isla Fisher. Rupert Grint. Hell, the whole Weasley family. Gurls I wish I could be and guys I wish I could be with. The common denominator? Gingers. Yes, that’s right. I love gingers and I’m not ashamed!

What is it about red locks, fair skin and some freckles that makes being a ginger so unappealing to most of us? They are outcast and made the butt of jokes because of the color of their hair. Is it really that unappealing? I just don’t see where all the hate is coming from. Honestly, I’ve always found myself way more attracted to redheaded men than I am to blondes or brunettes. Give me some fiery red locks and a splash of freckles across a fair nose and I’m weak at the knees.

I do see the obvious downfalls of being a ginger, though. While most of us are spending our summers working on a tan, they are layering on sunblock and searching for shade to avoid a killer and nearly inevitable burn. Clearly that makes summer less enjoyable for a redhead, but it is no reason for the rest of us to banish them to the shade and point and laugh. Personally, I think freckles are so cute, and I’ve always been the kind of gurl to go for the cute guy over the drop dead gorgeous one.

The constant bullying of gingers has made a lot of them ashamed of their hair color. One of my friends who has light red hair and is freckled absolutely freaks out when anyone refers to him as a ginger. He will argue until his dying breath that he is strawberry blonde, even though he is clearly more ginger than blonde. He views being a ginger as such a horrendous thing, and it’s a shame. Gingers have been conditioned to view their hair as more of a curse than an asset because the majority of society says that it is undesirable.

I, on the other hand, wish I could flaunt red hair and a face full of freckles. I could dye my brown hair to red, but we can all spot the difference between a true redhead and a fake one. As for the freckles, there’s not a lot I can do to get me some of those either. Is that why we hate gingers so much? They were born with something that the rest of us can’t duplicate. They have a rare beauty that we just have to sit back and envy. Are we all pissed off that they have something that we can’t? I feel like all the ridicule being sent their way is not because we all think their hair color is hideous. It’s because they are uncommon and unique, and society doesn’t tend to accept much of anything of that nature.

Gingers, embrace it. You are beautiful. Carry yourselves with confidence. Your hair makes you unique and stunning. Anyone else who tells you otherwise – tell them to shove it.

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