Good News: Putting Out on the First Date Can Get You Hitched

by July 6, 2012
filed under Activism, Sex & Dating

According to a study reported by Jezebel, lust and love aren’t as far apart as people are told to believe.

What they discovered was a bit surprising — love and sexual desire both activate the striatum, showing a continuum from sexual desire to love. Each feeling impacts a different area of the striatum.

Sexual desire activates the ventral striatum, the brain’s reward system. When someone enjoys a great dessert or an orgasm, it’s the ventral striatum that flickers with life. Love sparks activity in the dorsal striatum, which is associated with drug addiction.

…The areas of overlap indicate that sexual desire transitions into love in many cases, and the feelings aren’t separate.

“Even love at first sight, can it happen? Of course it can happen,” says Pfaus. “And when it does happen, do you want to play Scrabble with each other? When it happens, you normally want to consummate it.”

So if you’re feeling the heat on a first date, why not just go for it? We can’t confirm it’ll lead to marriage. But we can’t confirm it won’t either.

Read the rest of Jezebel’s article here.

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