How to Survive Summer When You’re Broke

by July 16, 2012
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Okay, here’s the deal: It’s summer vacation, you’re a full-time student, and minimum wage isn’t cutting it. If any of these attributes describe you, welcome to my life. As women, we are basically programmed to spend money on clothing, food and adventures. After all, it’s summer and this season’s fashion trends are absolutely to-die-for. And who can resist a binge on Twisted Yogurt on a beautiful day? But most importantly, summer is all about spontaneous getaways and carefree wanderlust. We would all rather be packing our bags and fleeing to a beach than lacing up our work boots. Unfortunately, all of these activities tend to leave our wallets pretty empty. Coming from the perspective of a student who is definitely feeling the pressure to save money, a cheap (but amazing) summer is a top priority.

First off, compiling a summer wardrobe can be pretty intimidating in terms of a price tag, but luckily there is a free, fun and easy way to mix your closet up a bit! I would suggest throwing a clothing-swap party. This is when each gurl brings in her old summer outfits and everyone swaps items! It is a super cheap way to get some new tank-tops and such into your closet without spending a dime. Maybe a friend has that perfect pair of Daisy Dukes while you might be holding on to her dream crop top. Clothing aside, a party is always a great way to bring together the gurls that you may not have seen all semester!

When it comes to cheap meal ideas, the possibilities are endless. Frozen yogurt shops are a huge trend right now, but as delicious as they are, they can get pretty pricey. Rather than racking up a bill of 10 dollars per cup, try setting up your own frozen yogurt bar at home! Get your friends together on a beautiful day and ask everyone to contribute a small tub of frozen yogurt. Places like Bulk Barn and even most dollar stores carry candy in large portions for cheap prices, so why not stock up on toppings and set up a station at home? You can get so much more for your money if you buy in bulk.

Refreshing cocktails are also a must-have this season, and sites like and feature recipes for cheap concoctions that cost as little as $0.65 to make.

The most exciting part of summer is the feeling of freedom and spontaneity, which calls for a few impromptu adventures, does it not? Sadly, wanderlust isn’t cheap. However, there are a few ways to shrink the bill. A small change is better than no change at all, right? First of all, carpooling is key. So much money is wasted on gas when everyone can easily squeeze into one vehicle as long as it is safe. Not to mention, it is way better for the environment.

Also, if you’re looking for something to do that is of minimal cost, check out for some amazing discounts on local businesses. Lots of day spas will submit discounted packages which are perfect for bikini season. Groupon even offers up to 50% discounts on trips to destinations as far as Maui, and discounted sessions at Hookah cafes which are huge right now.

It is difficult to enjoy summer without putting a dent in your wallet, but as long as you have a strict budget in place, escaping reality for a while and enjoying the season’s simple pleasures is priceless.

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