More Than a Plain Old Cup of Tea

by July 9, 2012
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Health and nutrition often seem to come as fads. One season you see it everywhere, the next it’s been replaced by the latest food or drink that will solve all of your health problems and give you a better life. From blueberries, pomegranate and açai to organic free-range chicken, to chia and flax seeds, we’re always searching for that magic ingredient which seems to change about as frequently as Lady Gaga’s hairstyle.

There is one food in particular that got a lot of hype and then died out as it was replaced by the next trend: Green tea was once on the ‘it list’ of healthy foods and, as all foods on the radar usually do, lost its widespread popularity. We still know that it’s good for us and that it has numerous benefits, but we tend to overlook it now that the hype has faded. This summer, I challenge everyone to introduce this ingredient back into your day.

Green tea has so many benefits that it’s hard to find a reason not to drink it. The most popular benefit that makes it a ritual for many of us is the aid it provides with weight loss. Green tea boosts the body’s metabolism, helps with digestion and the polyphenols in it help burn fat. Based on that reason alone, I’m sold on green tea. Drinking it allows our bodies to make better use of glucose. This is not only helpful for weight loss, but also beneficial for people with Type 2 Diabetes. It doesn’t stop there, though. This drink is helpful in preventing heart disease because it protects the heart from stress, as well as preventing numerous types of cancers such as bladder, skin, breast, ovarian and lung. Drinking green tea regularly will also boost your immune system and protect against viral and bacterial infections. On top of all those awesome things, it contains caffeine. So, if you’re anything like me, you can drink it instead of coffee and still get the boost that you need. Green tea has a lot going for it.

But you can reap the rewards in other ways than just drinking it. Once you’ve drank your cup of tea, use the tea bags to provide relief for cuts and razor burns or place them under your eyes to reduce puffiness. You can even place it on your gums to relieve aching or canker sores. Steep some tea, let it cool to warm and rinse your hair with it to moisturize and cure dry hair. Use it as a mouthwash to prevent plaque and remove bad breath, as an anti-fungal foot soak to remove odor and even as a face wash to reduce acne.

Green tea seems like something too simple to make a difference – but sometimes simplicity is the best. Give it a try and drink a cup with every meal. Work it into your daily beauty routine. It’s a natural product with a long list of uses and benefits.

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