My First Brazilian Wax Wasn’t Normal

by July 16, 2012
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I started shaving down below when I was about fifteen. There began the struggle of woman versus razor. I constantly had nasty razor burn, hideous bumps and painful ingrown hairs. No matter how I shaved, exfoliated or moisturized, my feminine glory was far from glorious.

A few months ago, I finally built up the courage to get a wax. I had originally planned to get a bikini wax, but as the day drew closer I thought “fuck it, go big or go home,” and changed my appointment to a Brazilian wax. If you don’t know, that’s all the hair… including around your butt. I was nervous when I walked into my appointment; not only for the inevitable pain but for the fact that my goodies would be on full display.

My first appointment was not good. The aesthetician was definitely inexperienced. The waxing hurt as much as you would expect, but the aesthetician had to keep going over the same spot. She waxed my most sensitive areas (use your imagination) over and over, pausing to ask me if the pain was too much. “Fuck, yes it is,” I thought. “But keep going, I don’t want to have a Mohawk down there!” She also had me use a wooden stick (the ones doctors make you say “ah” for) to maneuver myself for her, which made me feel quite self-conscious.

When I finally left 45 long minutes later, I was sore, inflamed and worst of all, mortified. The whole experience had been long and awkward. I thought this was all quite normal. After a few days of pain (I won’t go into how bad it hurt to pee…), my skin cooled down and it looked quite nice. But when the time came a few weeks later to go back, I opted to find a different salon. Mostly because I didn’t want to pay the high-end spa price again. I had no idea that what I had experienced for my first wax was not at all normal.

My second wax was amazing. Well, it wasn’t pleasurable or anything, but it was quick and near painless. It took this aesthetician less than ten minutes and during the whole appointment, she continually chatted with me, making me much more comfortable. She also easily moved me around to reach every spot, and didn’t require me to “help” in any way. One of the first things she said was, “doesn’t it suck that women have to put themselves through this to feel pretty?” I laughed. But it’s true. Why do we put ourselves through that much pain just to feel more attractive?

For me, it is more than just looking presentable to the opposite sex. I don’t feel clean if I have an overgrown lawn down there. I don’t like how it looks or how it feels. And honestly, it goes both ways. I prefer my guys to be trimmed and presentable downstairs, so I feel like I should take care of myself too. Nothing kills the mood more for me than having to stop to pull hair out of your teeth!

It’s a personal choice that everyone seems to view differently. But there is no harm in giving it a shot. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do. Just make sure you find a clean salon with experienced aestheticians. You will love your new sexy sphinx cat.

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