Shoes That Really Talk

by July 26, 2012
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Netanya has been doing art her entire life. So when the idea for Enlighten Me – a collection of painted shoes – came to be, she was ready to spark change in her peers.

“I think this idea of customizing shoes comes from a greater need for personal individualization. When fads hit North America, they hit hard, and people tend to get caught up in the same few styles, especially when it comes to shoes. It’s definitely necessary for people to start wearing shoes unique to them – no more ubiquitous styles. We shouldn’t all be wearing the same Toms in the same color…let’s mess with it a bit. Better yet, wear something that actually reflects you.”

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Netanya has always had “an affinity to paint things – whether it be on a canvas, shoes, bags or clothing.”

“I used to get the popular kids in school to pay me for some customized kicks. It didn’t make me any cooler though.”

Now, Netanya is bringing the cool out of school, and into New York City. Majoring in advertising and minoring in fine arts at Stern College, she is expanding her collection to old fashioned lamps that otherwise wouldn’t be given the time of day. But her drive to share her art doesn’t stop there.

“I really want to start painting boots and dress shoes, including high heels and loafers. I have this idea of applying “the mullet” to shoes and painting a party in the back, but business in the front. How great would it be to have some lawyer wearing black leather loafers with a comic strip on the back? It would be this secret design until he turns around.”

And what’s next for Netanya?

“I hope to develop further online, and maybe even set up a network of artists that customers could choose from – like a tattoo shop. We’ll see, I have some ideas, but I don’t want to give them all away yet.”

Check out Netanya’s collection here.

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