Vintage Charm

by July 2, 2012
filed under Style

Vintage seems to be the only style a gurl can’t go wrong with. Polka dots, zigzags or any form of historic clothing work flawlessly to create this kind of look. I was lucky enough to find Madeena, a 17-year-old at my Science Diploma Prep during the weekend, where she let me photograph her amazing smile.

The beautiful polka-dotted fabric has a warm, timeless notion. The fit and shape isn’t too tight, making it appropriate for all occasions. It’s simple and free flowing, taking away any chance of feeling constricted. At the same time, the shirt is an open canvas for mixing and matching. Skinny jeans, shorts or even skirts – the sky is the limit.

In this case, dark jeans emphasize the vintage feel. The flats have to be the cutest I’ve seen in a while. Their neutral hue provides a warmth and completion to this amazing look. Adding an extra effort of  charm, the owl ring seems to do the trick. Clearly black is the most safe but also perfect colour to wear at all occasions.

Madeena admits she was first attracted to the vintage-inspired look because of her love of fashion. She enjoys reading fashion magazines and watching fashion shows. She is currently in her last year of High School and hopes to one day become an English teacher or Beautician. It seems like style is in this gurl’s DNA!

Madeena also loves reading and all-things Harry Potter, as she hopes to become Mrs. Daniel Radcliffe one day. A gurl can only dream.

Shirt: $20 at Sirens
Jeans: $30 at Garage
Shoes: 2/$15 at Ardene’s

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