Do Some DIY Damage to Your Summer Clothes

by August 1, 2012
filed under Style

I find that around this time of year, I begin to feel bored when I look at my wardrobe and am constantly stressing over what to wear! Even though I’ve kept up-to-date with the summer trends, they’re just not cutting it anymore, and it’s so hard not to lust after all of the new fall fashions that are beginning to emerge. I know all of you gurls have been here, so before you run out and blow a paycheck on all of those lust-worthy items, why not consider flexing those DIY muscles and recycling what you already have? Don’t worry, revamping your wardrobe isn’t going to be hard, in fact it doesn’t even require a sewing machine, but you may want a friend around to make it more fun!

The first and easiest clothing revamp is to add studs! Buying studs from a crafting store can be expensive, so instead I went to Claire’s and bought one of their studded belts for $5 and then took the studs off with a pair of pliers. From there you should have plenty of studs to add to the pockets of your faded high-wasted jean shorts, to the collar of a blouse or tank top or even onto a pair of old ballet flats for a more elegant, edgy look.

If you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty, try tie dying or dip-dying an old tank top or t-shirt. Not only is this super in right now, it makes an old piece of clothing look completely new. Be sure to log on to for some helpful hints, how-to guides and inspiration.

I know all of you gurls used to knot best friend bracelets as young kids, so why not make a night of it and invite all those best friends over to make t-shirt knot bracelets? It is as simple as choosing an old t-shirt, cutting it into long strips and knotting away. You can even steal some strips from your friend’s t-shirts to make your bracelet more colorful. Don’t forget that the more strips you knot into the bracelet, the thicker it will be.

This last DIY revamp is the best of them all! If you have an old pair of jeans that you don’t like anymore, throw those babies in the wash and bleach the crap out of them. Once they’re nice and white, it’s time to dye them! You can stick with the summer color trends and dye them a mint green or salmon pink, or you can go for the fall trends and dye them burgundy or mustard yellow. Remember to have fun with it and get creative, and if you feel like being extra craft try doing an ombre dye to them! If you need more instructions go to (can you tell I’m obsessed with this site?).

It can be hard not to want to indulge in the years latest trends, but with a little help from your local crafting store and some inspiration you can turn almost anything that you already have in your closet into something that looks like new! Now go get crafting gurls!

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