Featured Artist: Ashleigh Ball

by August 13, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Ashleigh Ball, 29, is the light-as-air voice and flutist behind Hey Ocean! A band that hails from Vancouver, Canada, it’s music often portrays aspects of surf culture, such as the beach and the sea.  Ashleigh stands among two talented men – David Beckingham on vocals and guitar and Dave Vertesi on vocals and bass. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this trio a few times, and recall nothing but non-stop dancing and good times to be had. I also recall buying Dave a shot after he politely requested on stage. Being a groupie, I eagerly obliged. The group recently put out their newest album, Is, and are currently on tour. If you live in Edmonton, Canada like I do, come say hello at their show on September 20th.

Aside from her busy schedule touring the world, Ashleigh also has various roles as a voice actor. This won’t be surprising if you’ve picked up on her gift to travel through various pitches. Her most infamous role, one might say, would be on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In the show, she plays two ponies – Applejack and Rainbow Dash. She has also had roles on TV shows such as Care Bears, Bratz, Ironman and Thor. Playing both gurls and boys, she doesn’t limit herself when it comes to work. She even finds time to stop for fans’ Youtube videos and say hello to her fellow ‘Bronies.’

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