Hollywood Sex is Destroying My Sex Life

by August 3, 2012
filed under Entertainment

We should all know that sex on screen is way hotter than real life. Hollywood makes sex out to be a passionate, sweaty, spontaneous affair with tons of panting and kissing and pushing things off tables. Let’s be real here: Not really the case.

Sex, at least in the majority of my experiences, is awkward and actually quite the let down. Maybe it’s because I wish I had Ryan Gosling in my bed, or at least a guy who performed like Ryan Gosling. Hollywood sex scenes have ruined my sex life, and in more ways than one.

Obviously, my expectations of what sex is have been set pretty high. I watch The Notebook and then I want to run in the rain and have someone rip my soaking wet clothes off and make love to me like I’m the only gurl in the world. The sad reality is that the last action I got was a 2 am booty call that was over way too soon and ended with an awkward goodbye. Less Pearl Harbour and more Juno – without the kid.

Sure, I can’t expect my life to be like the movies. I’m not naïve enough to actually think that. But can’t I get a little passion? Break some lamps or something? However, I’ve come to terms with knowing that the breakables in my apartment will probably stay in tact.

Not only has Hollywood sex raised my expectations to impossibly high levels but also has changed how I think of sex. Spontaneity and in the moment sex is always the hottest, and when they show it in the movies it looks pretty appealing. Take a second and think of the last time you were watching a movie and they whipped out a condom. Not too often. High expectations I can learn to live with, but the example that Hollywood is setting for myself and other young women that it is okay to have unprotected sex is not okay.

Movies rarely address pregnancy and STI’s. In real life, unprotected sex is followed by a mass of risks that can’t be ignored or edited out. We already know that trying to make your life into a steamy scene from a movie isn’t going to work, so why are gurls taking the risk and not using protection? I don’t care if Zac Efron didn’t wrap it up in The Lucky One – we live off screen where using a condom should be priority number one. If a guy wants to be with you, he first should have enough respect for you to protect not only you but him also.

Movies are glamorized versions of our own sex lives. They make our ovaries twitch, but aren’t realistic. I’m not saying that I hate these scenes – in fact, quite the opposite – but I am saying that we can’t all expect similar experiences for our own lives. Enjoy the sex you are having for what it is and who it’s with, not what movies tell us it should be.

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