Kidnapping for the Good of the Child

by August 10, 2012
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I have before me yet another example of why ideals suck: Because people can use idealism as an excuse to say they want to kidnap children.

I thought I was reading a gag post when I saw a report that Bryan Fischer, a member of the American Family Association, posted to his Twitter “Why we need an Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households:”

The link brings you to an essay that says it’s harder to grow up on children of same-sex marriages than all the little children of opposite sex marriages.

Call me crazy, but I think that my child would be better off with his loving, caring mother than some mildly deranged stranger willing to kidnap him based on the fact that mommy doesn’t like men. The very fact that he wants to kidnap untold amounts of children from their loving and supportive homes shows he has some form of mental deficiency, and should be monitored.

I understand that he wants to help these children from what he perceives as a great injustice. Just peddling around the site that I read this breaking news on, I got to see all kinds of wonderful things Bryan Fischer has to say about gay marriage, and having children in a gay marriage. He even goes so far as to say that to adopt a child into a same sex marriage, to give a child who has no home a loving and safe home, is tantamount to sexual abuse.

I put forth this theory: To inform a child that they are an abomination because of who they love, is a form of child abuse. To inform your child that your love is based on the condition that they follow in your footprints of sexual preference, is a form of neglect, because you are neglecting their right to choose. To inform any person that you would like to steal their children based on their ‘bad decisions’ is a form of terrorism. If we were to step back and compare the things said by anti-gay groups to things said by the Taliban, we would be ard pressed to find the difference.

I may seem biased, as a bisexual woman who plans on having children one day, but I firmly believe that anti-gay asociations are little more than fearful hate mongers. If they had any valid points, the argument could not br made that they are being hypocritical because the problems they highlight in a gay marriage are less than or identical to problems in a straight marriage.

One example of this is a man who would turn something so monumental and important to the freeing of slaves into something that would rip a child from their home. That is fear-mongering. I almost want to have an underground railroad to save this man’s children from his small minded ways. But I wouldn’t, because it would be wrong, and cruel of me to take those children away from the father they probably love dearly, in spite of his ignorant heartless comments.

Now, I read Robert Oscar Lopez’s essay on growing up with two moms. He makes some valid and interesting points, and I feel for the guy. Growing up and feeling strange is not a nice thing, and I feel sorry for the man.

However, do I believe that Robert is a strange, lonely and socially awkward person because he grew up in a same-sex household? Not really. I’m sure that that could have been a contributing factor, even more so because he believes it is, but no more so than the son of a straight couple would be if dad drank, or mom cheated.

People like to latch on to any abnormality in family life to explain why they are odd. However I know plenty of grown adults raised by straight parents who are social outcasts, have trouble interacting with others and are generally not good socially.

A person cannot, in good conscience, make outrageous claims about how detrimental same sex marriages are to children without running the risk of being hypocritical, or downright threatening.

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