Riding: Only for My Enjoyment

by August 10, 2012
filed under Life

The surrounding city sounds echoing within every street became muffled by the roar underneath me. The sound reverberating from my steel beast permeated and consumed all thought; nothing is as liberating as not thinking and instead simply being and/or doing.
And then… HONK!

I look over reluctantly and find a pair of dumbasses leaning out of the telltale asshole-mobile to leer at me.

“How ya doin babe?” says Dumbass from the driver’s seat. Of course, I don’t answer and pretend to ignore the ravaging eyes, but then Dirtbag responds…
“See ya gotta rocket there, mind givin’ mine a spin?”

I fabricate my meanest biker-chick-says-fuck-off look before realizing too late that my face is encased behind a dark, glossy visor – which just pisses me off even more. I turn away and bear the harassment and the judgment.

I’m used to this by now – it happens all the time, really. I hate it. Can’t a gurl just enjoy a midsummer’s night ride in peace? Or at the very least, not get eye-raped while it. It’s not like I’m asking for attention by piling on layers of riding gear despite the elevated temperature. I mean, for God’s sake, what skin have I exposed? Between my riding boots, leather jacket, gloves, jeans and helmet – Lord only knows how many other layers underneath all that. I’m covered head to foot, literally. I might as well be covered by a burka for how ‘exposed’ I am. I was even wearing fuzzy socks!

I don’t really know about other women, but the way I see it is that it’s kind of hard to wear revealing clothing while on a motorcycle and still be safe. Safety first, right?

Or maybe what entices the sick excuses for men to inspect me so intently is the position in which I sit. How the hell do you ride a motorcycle any other way then by straddling the damn thing? So, I suppose it’s my fault for only being able to sit one way that clearly identifies me as cat-call worthy. Because we all know that makes sense.

But, what of my attitude towards the opposite sex – I’m asking for it, am I? Yes, that was exactly what I had in mind when I turned away from Dumbass and Dirtbag as they sat oh-so-gracefully in their fully-loaded testosterone filled, testicle dangling truck taunting with their bigotry.

And what about towards the same gender? Among women I am seen as an oddity, a rebel if you will. Women, the more ‘mature’ ones tend to look at me through slitted eyes; their body language telling more than what their lips ever could. I am a menace to them; an outrage to all femininity. Maybe they see me as some kind of disgusting, universal sex symbol. Perhaps, they seem to think, as many men tend to, that I’m on the prowl for attention. But, am I really?

I can’t advise most people to ride motorcycles. You have to love doing it, and it takes much more character to sit astride a motorcycle than it does to drive a car. It’s not something I can explain – kind of like the way you can’t explain love. And I love motorcycles! I can’t explain why it’s so appealing or why it’s oftentimes the only bright spec for many of my shitty days. It’s something that your just born with – the joy of being a bit different and being open and exposed to the world. It’s like you’re saying, “come at me world! I have nothing to hide and I will take you full on in the face!”And indeed sometimes riders really do take it to the face – a face full of bugs that is.

But before I bow to social norms, let me just reiterate, I love motorcycles. They are my pride and passion; I admire sleek gas tanks and the curve of the fenders (the intimidation factor is always a bonus of course). So, I guess if I love it, and do it for the sake of my enjoyment rather than for the sake of attention or some other dumb reason, then to me I feel that it’s ok.

Let’s be honest ladies: We’ve all received a fowl flash of the eyes every once in a while. Yet, the glance-givers almost never stop to wonder if their subject-of-the-eyeball might enjoy wearing the clothes they wear, might enjoy not caring what they look like, might enjoy hanging out with the weird and the rowdy or even might enjoy riding a motorcycle; I I certainly do. I enjoy all of those things and only for my enjoyment I might add.

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