Rain or Shine, Suit Yourself!

by August 1, 2012
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Waiting for the bus in the rain on my way to a meeting.

When you’re building a career, it can be embarrassing going to an interview or starting a new job with less than professional attire. Believe me: I’ve been there. I’m still there. As a low-income woman, I reserve my hard-earned cash to pay my over-due bills rather than expensive blazers. Like many writers, I spend much of my time at home writing, not shopping for the latest office wear.

However, I’m ashamed to be in this place. When I lived at my parents’ house, I had much more disposable income and was said to be one of the most stylish at my High School. However, once I went to college, my wardrobe started to fall to my lower list of priorities.

So when I got my first office job a couple years ago, I didn’t have much to go off of. Luckily, my family helped me purchase a few pieces, but as any person new to the professional environment, I was quite lost in the style sense.

Now that I’m running my own magazine, I felt it was time to have a few polished looks of my own. You know, in the event I would have the chance to step away from my laptop and socialize. Looking the part is every bit as important as doing the work when being taken seriously. So I called Suit Yourself, and they hooked me up with an amazing white pants suit (above) that fits like it was made for me!

Suit Yourself is a 10-year-old organization in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that supplies low-income women with professional attire. They not only give you a wardrobe to work with, but they help you style the clothes as if they’re your own personal stylist. They also supply jewelry, shoes, purses and makeup.

Because our August online issue is about building your career, we couldn’t think of a better organization than this to support. Suit Yourself is open to women of all ages who are building a career or looking for a job. All they require is a referral. You can do this through a government assistance program or your school counselor.

If you live in the area and happen to have a professional wardrobe you are in the process of upgrading, please consider donating your items to this organization. You can also volunteer to help style the women who are beginning their careers. More information on Suit Yourself can be found at http://www.suityourselfclothes.org

Photographer Arianna Biasini and I took a few pieces from my shopping trip and put together a photo spread called A Day in the life of a Magazine Editor. We decided to be fearless and take it out in the rain. Paired with it is a maxi dress and black bag from Walmart, and a 100% silk blouse and black and beige pumps from Suit Yourself as well.

Here is what a day in my life typically looks like (with a better wardrobe). Summer is all about those unexpected showers, but you can still look chic doing the most un-glamorous tasks!

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