Beauty Guru Kalel Cullen Becomes Living Cosplay Character

by September 5, 2012
filed under Style

Kristen Smith AKA Kalel Cullen has really come into her own this year. First she announced she was quitting her beauty guru channel, Queen Beeuty, and starting a cosplay channel, Cozplai. She went from blonde hair and makeup tutorials to teal hair and My Little Pony dressup. And we couldn’t be happier for her.

It isn’t uncommen for young women to change dramatically in their interests and looks. In fact, we encourage it as it helps us figure out what kind of person we want to be. What we like when we’re younger is often a mirror of pop culture, and as we leave the pool of peer pressure and dive into self discovery we may be surprised with who we find underneath the layers of self doubt.

We love Kalel for teaching us that we don’t have to limit ourselves and that we can change overnight if we want to. We hope you check out her new blog, Wonderland Wardrobe, and that it will give you some inspiration for your own life. We’re so proud that Kalel designed the site, including the art, all by herself! She also changed her nickname to Kalel Kitten.

Remember: You don’t have to become a living cosplay character, but don’t be afraid to change up your look or interests because you’re worried what people might think. YOLO. Yes, we just said that.

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