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by September 27, 2012
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If you had asked me 2 years ago if I ever pictured myself setting foot in a plastic surgeon’s office, I probably would’ve laughed. At first thought, I think they’re all about botox, face lifts and lipo. In reality, plastic surgeons also help people with things such as reconstructive surgery and breast reductions, which can be medically necessary as opposed to strictly cosmetic.

My first sight when walking into Dr. Frank’s posh plastic surgery office (I was expecting no less. I watch “Nip/Tuck”) was his receptionist who looked 50 going on 30. This woman could have been a walking billboard for the office, and despite the amount of work she clearly had done to her face, she still layered on a pound of makeup. She gave me a clipboard with a couple of sheets of information that I needed to fill out. While sitting in the waiting room with only 2 other people, I started to wonder if they were looking at me and wondering why I was there…which, let’s be honest, is exactly what I was doing to them. But I was wearing a fairly modest top, and if I had been wearing something a little tighter, they might have guessed it was for a reduction. In this case, what would they think? In reality, they probably had no idea why I was there.

My husband’s support and the fact that Dr. Frank was easy on the eyes eased my nerves as we went into the room for my consultation. Dr. Frank started by explaining the procedure, the potential risks and complications (which are unlikely due to being young and healthy), recovery period, etc. He then asked if we had any questions, and we did:

Dr. Frank then showed me where my breasts would sit after the surgery, which pretty much sold me on the whole thing. Part of the procedure includes liposuction for the pockets on the sides of the breast. You know, the stuff under your armpit that you bend forward and shove into your bra every morning? When the breasts themselves go down in size, that pocket tends to look odd. This explains why I need to come up with $1,000 before the surgery because my health care will not cover the liposuction part of the surgery. It sounds like $1,000 worth spending!

And now I wait. They are booking 6-12 months in advance right now, so at some point in that time I should get a phone call. After that call, it will be about 2 months before the surgery. In the meantime, I’m working on healthy eating and exercising and although I’m not holding my breath, I’m hoping some hard work at the gym will tone up and reduce my breasts naturally. But considering that the last time I lost weight, they didn’t budge, so I’m not expecting a miracle.

All in all, the consultation was a very positive experience and I feel confident in my decision. This has brought me just one step closer to achieving the confidence I’ve been lacking for the last little while, and although it’s about a year away, I’m looking forward to eventually seeing some amazing results… and being able to go on a shopping spree for shirts, dresses and, of course, bras that don’t take up a whole drawer to themselves.

Written by Janet N. Post originally from Curvy Coup D’etat.

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