Rage Against the Machine Rages on Through Occupy

by September 24, 2012
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Rage Against the Machine is more than just one of the most influential bands in history – it’s one of the biggest voices for activists. The band’s songs give listeners hope, meaning and drive. They supply an outlet to release anger and a voice for those who  can’t. RATM confronts culture and brings light to issues such as politics, war and the economy. In a way, they are the voice for the Occupy Movement. But they have been a voice for activists long before Occupy.

RATM hails from Los Angeles, California, drawing inspiration from early heavy metal instrumentation and rap acts such as Public Enemy. They are made up of Zack de la Rocha (lead vocalist), Tim Commerford (bassist and backing vocalist), Tom Morello (guitarist) and Brad Wilk (drummer). They’ve sold over 16 million records worldwide. After making music and touring together from 991 to 2000, Zack quit the group to start a solo project, One Day as a Lion. In 2007 to 2011, the band went on a reunion tour and continue to tour, though increasingly less than before. However, there presence is just as strong as ever. In November 2011, Zack posted a poem in support of the Occupy movement on the front page of the RATM website.

Below you can find the full concert from RATM’s show at Woodstock in 1999:

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