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by September 19, 2012
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At Shambhala in August 2012, Nelson, BC I was honoured to have attended a 2.5hour seminar/workshop with David Wolfe on Super foods. This changed my life for the better. I then bought his fabulous book, Superfoods. Frankly, this information should be shared and introduced to as many people as I can inform upon this subject.

What are super foods?
Super foods are foods that are high in nutrients, minerals and fats that are healthy for one to ingest. Some examples of super foods are: Coconut products, bee products (bee pollen, honeycomb, raw honey), live salt, maca (peruvian ginseng), olive oils, mushrooms, hemp product (hemp protein, hemp hearts, hemp seeds, hemp powder), goji berries, raw cacao, tinctures, algae, E3 live, aloe vera, seeds, fruit, veggies and many more. Implementing Super Foods in my diet has changed the way I see and feel the world around me and has broadly changed how I interact with people. I want to be a good example and implement this knowledge through communities around the world. Changing my way of eating has helped me become stronger and more aware of what I am doing and where I am going, this moment, and every moment. I am able to manifest properly the right things at the right time. It’s about channeling life through a positive and efficient way.

Educating people on this style of food is something I am quite passionate about, since all the these are gifts from mother earth, we should always be grateful for them, she gifts them to us to eat. These are easily accessible foods within our range of land that are able to help us go through life’s challenges, emotional roller coasters and a better understanding and education on better eating for North Americans.

Areas to find Super foods
I get most of my super foods online, such as maca, spirulina, chlorella, cacao nibs, E3 live and bee pollen on This is a South American site that only sends organic and home grown product. The people running this site pray and give thanks towards the plants they collect. I am very grateful for their existence.

I also get most of my tinctures, mushroom products, cacao product, goji berries, hemp products at a beautifully made restaurant called, Noorish, located near Whyte ave on 109 street in Edmonton, Canada. They serve vegetarian and vegan meals along side the super foods isles. Noorish also has sound healing, yoga and meditation space in the basement.
Awesome for some solid healing space for anyone.

Healthy fatty oils
We eat so much fatty oils that we don’t know where they are coming from or where they were made. Try switching to olive oil and coconut oil. These are more natural and much better for your body to digest. They will not clog your heart. Something I stand by everyday is that everything is allowed, in moderation.

Superfoods Diet
It is very simple and totally possible to replace all nutrients with super foods. Olive oils, coconut products, bee products, hemp products aloe vera, goji berries, raw nuts, algae such as E3 live, spirulina and chlorella. These products are so healthy for you and they are really easy to attain, so instead of taking a trip to the grocery store tonight, take a trip down Super Foods lane for the rest of your life.

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