Featured Artist: Otep Shamaya

by October 22, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Lately there has been some chatter about this woman. I’ve heard about how great the band’s music is and how meaningful the lyrics are, but I was skeptical because you don’t find too many genuinely talented artists in mainstream music. When I decided to look her up I was amazed at how genuine her lyrics felt – how her words were simple, yet meaningful and not to mention how much power was attained in her voice. Otep is a woman of brutal honesty and incredible talent. When I first looked into her music, I listened to every song on YouTube. From there, I felt both disturbed and empowered. You don’t find many female artists that avoid using sex-appeal in order to sell their music, but this woman boldly expresses her freedom through her voice, not her lack of clothes.

Otep is a women’s rights activist, vegetarian, environmentalist and open lesbian. You can look on just about any of her online biographies only to learn “although her music is furious, with guttural growling lyrics which are so politically charged” she still remains grounded, protective of her environment and those she is close to. There have been stories claiming that she suffered sexual & emotional abuse as a child, and for me this lets me see deeper into her art – not just her music, but her drawings and poetry as well. I feel as if more people listened and understood her music, they could bond over the thought of true freedom and what it means to actually live a fuck the system kind of life.

When I see Otep, I see someone who fights for the way life should be: How things can influence us without overwhelming us. Let’s not forget about the concert where a guy in the crowd yelled “get your tits out!” only leaving her to say “you get your dick out; that’s only fair. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine!” A move like that is what I consider true fearlessness. Otep Shamaya keeps control in a controlling system, keeps the insane of us sane and keeps the hopeless knowing that hope exists. Unlike many artists, she doesn’t get much support by popular media because of her tough image. Despite the ever-evolving music industry, she respectfully focuses less on trying to get her name out there and on the quality of her music.

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