Featured Artist: Taylor Momsen

by October 15, 2012
filed under Entertainment

At the age of 19, Taylor Momsen is an accomplished musician (lead vocalist of the band ‘The Pretty Reckless’). You may know her as “Cindy Lou” from ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ or “Jenny Humphrey” from ‘Gossip Girls,’ but she’s also a pretty damn good role-model for young women in today’s society. Though she did spend some time pursuing an acting career, she ended it to go on tour and because she didn’t approve of the way she was told to portray her character (‘Jenny Humphrey’ from Gossip Girls). Taylor also previously auditioned for the role of ‘Hannah Montana,’ before it was given to Miley Cyrus.


Taylor has broken down boundaries for women today, opening up about her bisexuality, women being able to express themselves freely without worrying about their reputation, how the general population feels about women masturbating and developing a sense of fearlessness. The rising goddess of rock has also talked about how music has changed her life, and how she’s using it to express herself while helping other people do the same. I for one respect that she’s no Taylor Swift. Through all the gossip and the bullshit, Taylor made it into Hollywood without becoming a typical, processed zombie, singing strong lyrics that we don’t see much of in today’s female singers.

Taylor distances herself from the lady-like image  we see in many of today’s female celebrities, with a look and behavior of her own. Although she does appear to be a rebel, she’s avoided rehab, plastic surgery, arrests, DUI’s, leaked sex tapes and other unappealing activities that you’ll find from leading ladies in mainstream media.  This goes to show that you can can still be badass without being a jackass. Taylor has expressed in several of her interviews that she feels  women are  too pressured by the media, and I think that young women today can look up to her for a fresher female role model.

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