Stella Boonshoft Says a Big Fuck You to Body Shaming

by October 23, 2012
filed under Activism

Stella Boonshoft is an 18-year-old woman who is taking a stand against body shaming. What started as a personal journey on her Tumbler, The Body Love Blog, soon turned into a movement of body image acceptance around the world.

Standing proud in her underwear, Stella blatantly told the world to go fuck itself if they didn’t like what they saw. Beneath the photo she left a caption that explained the picture “might be considered obscene because subject is not thin.”

In her post, Stella gives some shout outs to those who made her feel bad growing up:

“This picture is for the strange man at my nanny’s church who told me my belly was too big when I was 5.”

“This picture is for my horseback riding trainer telling me I was too fat when I was 9.”

“This picture is for the boy at the party who told me I looked like a beached whale.”

But most importantly, Stella acknowledges that the photo isn’t just for herself. In the video from Huff Post below, she says that the most important reason she did this was to inspire young women.

“People think that they have the authority to judge people for what they look like. This is important and I need to do this,” she said.

“We are conditioned as women to hate on other women. If that body isn’t perceived to be perfect in every way then she’s not worth anything. I would say the pressure greatly comes from men who then condition women to then criticize other women.”

Stella mentions in her post that a gurl in middle school had bullied her incessantly, making mocking videos about her, sending her nasty emails and calling her “lard.”

“Fuck you all who tried to degrade my being and sense of self with your hurtful comments and actions,” she concludes the post with.

Like the man in the Huff Post video says: “I think we can all say a big collective fuck you.”

Read the rest of Stella’s post on her Tumbler, here.

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