Featured Artist: Lady Bell

by November 26, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Lady Bell is a folk/blues artist coming out with a Christmas album titled, Christmas Kicks Ass. Having given a “scandalous” performance of the song every year in college, the American artist has transferred her love of Christmas to her love of music.

Previously from Texas, Lady is currently residing in New York and entertaining the idea of studying herbal medicine. Her latest album, Chameleon, is an 11 track record filled with soulful and sexy tunes available at CD Baby.

Aside from owning both a soothing and powerful voice, Lady is multi-talented on many instruments such as the guitar and ukulele. She also plays a a mean Kazoo. Clad with tattoos and attitude, we love her because she’s real and raw, and we couldn’t think of a better person to feature.

Click here to listen to Lady’s album, Chameleon.

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