Good Times Punch

by November 5, 2012
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Many parties require an excellent punch to go along with the other liquor and food people are serving at their soiree.  One of my favorite’s is a recipe my parents came up with; every time I drink it, it reminds me of the fun of the holidays when I was a little gurl. It could have been Easter, Christmas or someone’s birthday, but we always made this punch and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When I went to University, I would take this punch along with me to potlucks and holiday parties, where everyone always loved it. This punch reminds me of all the fun my friends and I had in school. If you had vodka, it would be an excellent addition. My family calls it Christmas Punch but I think you could have it anytime you are willing to make it and call it whatever you want; I call it ‘Good Times’ punch because of all the wonderful memories I made drinking it with family and friends.


Good Times  Punch

2 cups frozen or fresh strawberries

1 large can of orange juice

2 bananas

1 litre pineapple juice

Ginger ale – diet or regular

4 Litre ice cream bucket with lid


0.5 Litres vodka plane or any fruity kind that goes with orange and strawberry, such as peach, or mandarin (only if you like).

  1. Make one can of orange juice in a pitcher.
  2. Using a blender add some orange juice and add the strawberries and blend.
  3. Pouring out some of the punch into your ice cream bucket, add the banana’s one at a time into the blender with a little more orange juice and blend.
  4. Pour everything from the blender into the ice cream bucket and the rest of the orange juice in the pitcher into the ice cream bucket.
  5. Mix everything in the bucket with a large serving spoon and add the 1 litre of pineapple juice
  6. Mix 0.5 Litres of vodka into the punch. This will keep it from freezing completely when you put it in the freezer and makes the punch slushy.
  7. Or, place the lid on the ice cream pail and put the ice cream bucket into the freezer  (or outside in winter) and let the punch freeze
  8. Ensure that if your punch is non-alcoholic that you take it out an hour before you need it as it is frozen solid and needs time to melt and become slushy. You should be able to scrape the punch  with a large spoon in a frozen state
  9. Put one half glass of slushy punch into a glass and add the rest of the glass full of ginger ale. The punch should be a bit frothy when combined with ginger ale.

Freeze the punch for a quick party go-to, or serve it fresh. I hope you enjoy my Good Times Punch. Maybe it will show up on your menu in the coming holiday season.

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