How Much Does it Really Cost to Be a Woman?

by November 13, 2012
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How much does it really cost to be a woman? The question was posed to me, and I began to think of all the things I have to buy that men such as my boyfriend and brothers do not have to. This list may change depending on the gurl; some of us like more expensive things and have the extra income to buy certain makeup and clothing that some of us do not. This also may depend on what point of life you are at – whether you are a young professional or a student. But all in all, I have come to the conclusion it is way more expensive to be a gurl than a guy, and there are items that all gurls have to buy regardless of income level. Here are some of items I buy that are purely related to being a gurl for an approximately 3 month period.


Foundation ($31.00), pressed powder ($31.00), concealer ($26.00), mascara ($19.00) (Clinique); liquid eye liner ($37.00) (Lancôme); eye shadow ($28.00 for single, $39.00 for double), blush/bronzer ($24.00) (Nars); shimmer powder ($45.00) (Dior).

Some of these items such as blush/bronzer, shimmer powder and eye shadow may certainly last longer than 2 or 3 months and I realize many of women buy less expensive makeup, but I tend to find that cheaper makeup does not react  well with my skin and one has to find makeup that works best for her. All these prices I took online from Sephora. I feel that not only men, but other women and society expect woman to wear more or less makeup, depending on the occasion; and sometimes as a gurl it is just fun to play with makeup – that is part of makeup’s appeal.

Makeup costs me around $250.00 for 3 months.

Skin Care.

Facial soap ($16.00), clarifying lotion or toner ($27.00) for 13.5 oz, moisturizing gel ($31.00) for 4.2 oz, spot treatment gel ($18.00) and my favorite miracle cream ($51.00 X2 bottles) (Clinique); makeup remover wipes ($10.00 X3) (Quo); Q-tips for putting on makeup ($2.99) and makeup cottons for putting on clarifying lotion and or removing makeup if you do not use wipes ($10.00 for 8 packages of 100 at Costco); a general body lotion ($10.00) (Olay).

Taking care of your skin is a vital thing for any woman because she has naturally thinner skin then her male counterpart and so is affected more by acne, dryness sun damage, etc.

Skin care costs me around $250.00 for 3 months.

Hair Care.

Shampoo and conditioner (30.00 together), leave-in conditioner ($15.00), Aragon oil ($15.00) (Nexxus); volume booster ($21.00) (Chi); shine serum ($20.00) (AG Hair Cosmetics); hair-cuts with double highlights (at least $196.00 with a tip); eyebrow waxing (at least once in 3 months is $20.00 with a tip) (Merle Norman).

I feel it is necessary as a woman to take care of your hair in order to look professional, sexy and well kept. Other hair tools that you may buy only once every few years such as straightaners, blow dryers, curling irons and hot rollers.

Hair care costs me around $320.00 for 3 months, noting that I only get my hair colored every 6 months and not 3 months.

Your Period.

Tampons depending on the brand and amount in a package ($6.00-$11.00) and/or some kind of pad ($6.00-$11.00); fresh care wipes ($5.00), (Cotonelle); pills for cramps ($6.00 to $10.00) (Advil or Midol).

There is also the cost of birth control if you’re on it, and the price would be dependent on your health insurance plan and birth control method. Added on to this would be a chocolate budget or your favorite treats.

Getting my period costs around $80.00 for 3 months.

All these things are what immediately came to my mind when thinking of the costs associated with being a woman. However, I have not even begun to mention other things such as clothes, shoes, jewelry and purses. For instance, you cannot wear the same thing to a fancy event all the time; unlike a man, one suite or tux will not cut it. We also need a diverse range of bras – some that are strapless, some with one strap, some with full support – and different underwear to match. Men simply do not need such a diverse wardrobe.

Being a woman comes at a high financial cost; no wonder men say we are so expensive! But what’s more are the societal costs of being woman: Managing kids, house cleaning, serving guests, trying to stay young-looking and thin – all while working full time and making less than a male counterpart. Women also tend to spend more money on cab rides with the worry of walking home alone after a night out. In more ways than one, being a woman comes at high cost.

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