Kesha Gets Experimental With New Album

by November 12, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Whether you love her or hate her, Kesha is more than just a sugar-coated pop princess. Sure, she has blonde hair, dresses sexy and often uses autotune – but it’s her unwashed presence, blunt language and ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude that really sets her apart from other female artists. In a radio interview with KISS FM UK, she mentions that her guilty pleasure is porn and that her haters can “suck it” – a tattoo  she reveals is on the inside of her lip. She has also allegedly stolen David Spade’s alcohol when he brushed her off at a party.

Kesha started off writing hit songs for other artists, such as Till the World Ends for Britney Spears. She finally released her own work in Flo Rida’s number 1 single, Right Round. Her music is often derived from personal experiences, with influences from artists such as the Beastie Boys and Led Zeppelin. About to release her 3rd album, Warrior, on November, 30 2012, Kesha says the new album will have less autotune and be more rock N roll inspired. The album name was influenced by her fan’s stories of her music helping them get through tough times. Sill pop inspired but more experimental, she even collaborated with Flaming Lips’ frontman, Wayne Coyne on a song called, You Must Be Upgradedgiving him a tattoo 20 minutes upon them meeting.

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