Lissie Lets Loose, Fearless and Braless

by November 5, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Folk Rock is gritty, raw, real and soulful. Elisabeth Maurus, known on stage as Lissie, is a folk rocker with blonde locks and stunning nonchalance. Her braless, freckly, bad-ass demeanor is empowering for any woman with dreams of breaking out of social constructs. As a kid growing up in blue-collar Illinois, she often rebelled against authority and expectations. Music was her escape to a different life. She grew up listening to country, rap, rock and gospel. All of these influences can be heard in her album Catching a Tiger.

Outside of this album, Lissie is well-known for her inventive covers. In an interview with Billboard magazine, she told an anecdote of her first time hearing Kid Cudi’s song, Pursuit of Happiness. Lissie identified with the line, “livin’ my life gettin’ out dreams,” and felt inspired to do a cover. This cover got her creativity noticed by fans and producers worldwide. On November 8, 2011 Lissie released an EP of covers called Covered Up with Flower. On this EP, there are 5 covers of various artists like Kid Cudi, Metallica and Lady Gaga.

Lissie has now made an international name for herself by touring with Ellie Goulding and opening for Tom Petty. Her warm, hometown spirit and daring, natural look make her a true Flurt! gurl. Nothing could be more empowering than performing for thousands without a bra.

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