Skater Gurl Gets Shut Down by Captain America

by November 12, 2012
filed under Activism

Every once in a while, we like to post videos of skater gurls to show those who skate that they’re not alone. This video is a few years old, but it seems very relevant in today’s society. Alex White gets tackled by a security guard at the Portola Plaza in Monterey, CA – and it seems like something out of a soft core porno film that encourages child rape. “Captain America” could not be more of a condescending, patriarchal asshole if he tried.

While this video might seem fake, we see no reason it would be and want to know your thoughts: Have you experienced this sort of condescending attitude before from security or police? How did it make you feel? Do you think there’s an issue with the attitudes of authority in situations like this? Let us know in the comments below.

Now here’s some real skating:

And now: A kickass music video where skater gurls rap.

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