The Chick-Mobile: Honda Fit She’s

by November 16, 2012
filed under Activism

Personally, pink is not my favorite color. In fact, it probably rates as one of my least favorite colors. So, when someone assumes since I’m a gurl that I must love all things pink, it doesn’t offend me; it just makes me shake my head at them. After all, there is such a thing as a gurl who doesn’t love pink. If a guy said his favorite color was pink, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Guys are allowed to like pink just as gurls are allowed to like the color blue or red. It’s just a colour. No biggie.

When I heard that Honda had come out with a new car for women that was – oh, my god – pink in color, I laughed. Some women found it offensive that a Japanese car company thought women needed pink cars, and that the Bic pen company thought we needed our own pink and purple colored pens. But really, we don’t need to take it so personally. These companies thought they had come across a gold mine of ideas – products designed specifically for women. While they sound good in theory, for the most part the idea is just funny. Honda’s new car, the “She’s,” (spelled with a little heart in place of an apostrophe, ladies) has features like a windshield that prevents wrinkles and air conditioning that supposedly improves the quality of our feminine skin.

Upon reading up on the new car, I found the features targeted at women were actually an interesting idea. Think about the show Pimp My Ride. Guys always get their rides decked out with awesome stereo systems and sweet spinners to make their car more “manly.” If guys can infuse their cars with masculinity, why can’t women do the same feminine-wise?

Of course, the Honda Fit She’s is only available in Japan and was aimed in particular at Japanese women. The car is described as aspiring to be “adult cute.” If you read up on this sort of thing, “adult cute” is a pretty popular thing in Japan. So yes, the Honda Fit She’s can be both a funny idea, (like the Bic pens for women) as well as an interesting idea, whether offensive or not.

It should be noted though that Honda is not the first car company to design cars specifically for women. In 1955, Dodge found great success with the La Femme, an attempt at drawing more women into the automobile market. Really, the La Femme is a beautiful car; the only difference between this car and “men’s cars” is the colour. The La Femme is painted in colors like “Dusty Rose” and “Misty Orchid.”Oooh, how feminine.

Again, some women may find the idea of Dodge’s car for women equally offensive. It’s understandable, since it is giving off the vibe that women are different than men. The good thing about the La Femme is there are less than 100 out there in the world, though; the good thing about the Honda Fit She’s is that women are indeed capable of making our own choices when it comes to automobile purchases. So whether you think the idea of products for women is interesting or offensive, we can all laugh about the ludicrousness of the idea.

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