Vlog: No Makeup November

by November 3, 2012
filed under Activism

Vlogger Sharayah is sick of spending so much time on her face when she could be using that time to study. Or sleep. Or hang out with her cat. So she’s joining a new movement for November: No Makeup November.

Guys get Movember, or No Shave November – but instead of not shaving your legs (because nobody sees your legs in the winter anyways…unless you’re getting laid) why not No Makeup November? Why not give your face a break from the harsh chemicals you put on it every day? Why not take back your self-esteem and tell the beauty industry to go shove it?

Join the new movement  called No Makeup November, where you can not only raise awareness of real beauty, but also of human trafficking. Are you brave enough to a join Sharayah and the hundreds of other women in No Makeup November? Let us know in the comments below.

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