Audrey Beaudoin

by December 21, 2012
filed under Style

Audrey is a 19-year-old young lady from Ontario, Canada. She is currently studying religion at the University of Ottawa. She one day hopes to teach young children. She works 2 jobs; she works at as a beauty technician at Rexall Pharmacy and she also works with horses on the weekend. Audrey believes that spending lots of money doesn’t always insure that you will look fashionable. She enjoys finding great deals as well as shopping at thrift stores.  With a closet full to the brim, it’s no surprise that she manages to pull off some very fashionable looks.

Today she’s wearing this super adorable white flower top from American Apparel paired with bright blue leggings from Forever 21. The top was unfortunately a little more expensive but she decided it would be a statement piece in her wardrobe and therefore asked for it for Christmas; it retailed for $60. She got the leggings for the small amount of $13 on sale off of the website. This outfit screams winter to me because it plays off the color of the snow. To keep her toes warm, she is wearing these UGG look-a-likes from Giant Tiger, which sold for approximately $20. She kept it very minimal with her accessories. She is simply wearing very dainty heart shaped stud earrings. As for makeup, she swept some purple eye shadow on her lids and added some winged eyeliner and some mascara.

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