Featured Artist: Babette Hayward

by December 17, 2012
filed under Entertainment

I can imagine when Babette Hayward played on Victoria Day for Prince Charles and Camilla during their visit to Saint John, NF, Canada, that was the moment she knew she made it.

 “The ability to hush a riot with a whisper. You feel this immediate enchantment come over you and everyone who is present. A masterful songwriter, she left me in a comfortable state of awe; lost within the beautiful and honest world I was swept into.” – Kim Churchill

Last night I was fortunate to see the 22-year-old singer-songwriter open for Kim Churchill in Edmonton, Canada. Her songs were indeed enchanting, and I was pleasantly surprised to see her bring out the harmonica. After shaking hands and meeting for a minute, I can attest that she’s just as down-to-earth as she comes off in her music.

Babette began her journey into music at age 6 when she started playing  violin. At age 13 she started guitar, followed by playing for friends and in coffee shops. Working part-time at a record store, she studied philosophy, drama and literature in University, but walked away a year later to pursue her dreams of being a full-time musician.

You can find out more about Babette and listen to her new album, You Might Be Somebody, here.


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