How Much Is Your Virginity Worth?

by December 6, 2012
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How much would you pay to help other people in need? What is ‘virginity’ worth to you? Journalist Lee Moran reported that at the end of October, a Brazilian woman sold her virginity on a ‘Virgins Wanted’ auction page for $750K. Natsu, a bidder from Japan beat out 14 other bidders for 20 year old Catarina Migliorini’s virginity. Catarina is a physical education student and plans on using the money for “poverty stricken families” to build them “modern houses in her southern home state of Santa Catarina.” She still “believes in love” but thinks that by selling her virginity she was able to help other people in need. So is this just another form of prostitution or a savvy business proposal?

I personally have mixed feelings about Catarina’s choice to sell her virginity to a stranger. On one hand, she did help people in need by providing thousands of dollars to help poor families who needed homes to live in Santa Catarina. If we just look at the results of Catarina’s proposal to sell her virginity, it seems like a pretty smart and generous idea. I suppose Catarina must have thought that her personal loss ‘her virginity’ was much less then the loss of those people who did not have houses to live in. But I cannot help but think that the loss of her virginity was worth way more than she originally calculated – not only for herself, but for other women.

One can also look at the loss of virginity from several points of view. For instance, if we look from a Christian or Muslim’s point of view sex is something reserved for married couples; it is something personal just between them. In this instance, Catarina auctioning off her virginity does not look noble because her first experience of sex was supposed to be personally between her and her husband. If we look at the loss of Catrina’s virginity from another view point, perhaps the more modern view point of more young women take, sex is still something special and personal between you and your first partner; whomever that may be. Still, if we look from another viewpoint, the first time a women has sex may not be special at all. It could be just a women’s first time in a series of first times of sexual interactions or ‘hook ups’ for the night – who may indeed be with a stranger. In this case, what Catarina did was not a bad thing.

Still, I cannot help but think that even though Catarina was doing a good thing helping all those people, technically what she did was prostitution; as defined by the Encarta Dictionary, prostitution is “ the act of engaging in sexual intercourse or performing other sex acts in exchange for money, or of offering another person for such purposes.” I would think that selling their virginity for money would be something most gurls would do only in extreme situations, such as some criminal about to kill your whole family if you do not have sex with him – but I know in some instances I am wrong. There were surely other ways Catarina could have raised money for those people who needed homes in Santa Catarina. Not to mention, I think there are so many other places around the world where women do not have the choice who they give their virginity to; they are forced into marriage or even raped.

Given these facts, Catarina giving up her virginity for money seems like a bad choice. Why? Because Catarina had a choice in whom she gave up her virginity to and she chose to sell her choice, to not make a choice, and the let the highest bidder decide whom she gave her virginity to. Above anything else, that’s what bothers me about Catarina auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder. She did donate money for a good cause, but she destroyed another equally important cause at the same time: The fight for women to have free choice in who they marry, who they sleep with and who they give their virginity to. At first, Catrina’s decision seems like a savvy business proposal. But looking into that proposal more we see the sacrifice she made is not so virtuous considering what is best for Catarina and other women in the world.

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