Lucy’s Coming Out Story

by December 5, 2012
filed under Sex & Dating

Lucy talks about how terrified she was of being gay, trying to pray the gay away and how she finally came to terms with her sexuality. It was Chely Wright’s interview on Ellen that inspired her to accept herself, and during that time she met the love of her life, Kaelyn, on the internet. After 7 months of dating long distance, Lucy came out to her friends on new years and told them about her girlfriend. They have been in a relationship for 2 1/2 years and have a YouTube channel where they publish short films they make while visiting each other in the UK and the US. They receive thousands of messages a day from people all around the world who are looking for LGBTQ-related advice, and you can ask them your own questions on their Tumblr. Lucy and Kaelyn are planning on moving in together, getting married and having kids.

You can read more about their story at What Wegan Did Next.

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