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by December 19, 2012
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I would now like to take you across the pond to one of the most exciting and fabulous cities in the world, which is none other than Paris…oh la la!  With iconic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Le Lourve, Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame and…. Planet Sushi…. say what? Yes you heard me correctly!  Planet Sushi could be one of the main attractions for a sushi lover seeking delicious, fresh sushi that is also not a deep stretch in the pocket.

When one is in Paris, sushi probably is not the first food that comes to mind.  However, for the sushi lovers out there, it is definitely worth trying this unique Japanese sushi joint with its strikingly stunning designs.  Located throughout Paris, my experiences have been in the Bastille location, where you cannot miss the ever so inviting and pink sign that entitles ‘Planet Sushi,’ which will leave you quite curious to see what this place is about.

Created in 1988 by French entrepreneur Siben N ’Serand with over 26 locations and 42 under development throughout France, Spain, United States, Panama and Morocco, Planet Sushi is spreading all over the world.  If you live in these countries, I highly recommend experiencing it for yourselves!

First and foremost, for the price you pay, the sushi is delicious and very fresh. This place is serving up inventive Japanese fusion cuisine from maki, to sashimi all the way to their signature dishes like maki foie gras, which pays homage to  French cuisine and Paris, their very first location. They also offer vegetarian options as well that are a very good and healthy choice.

I tasted everything ranging from spicy tuna, salmon, sashimi,  California roll all the way to their miso soup and many more.  Everything was fantastic.  They have many options catering to everyone’s taste buds; rather it be exotic or a new comer to Japanese sushi, you will leave satisfied and will have learned something!

Once you walk in, you can instantly appreciate the décor with its vibrant colors, and the modernly futuristic chic theme. I personally thought the framed flat-screens were a fabulous touch, which are in each individual booth. How snazzy is that? However, it was created by a Parisian,  so this is no surprise.

The sushi circulates around on a conveyor belt, so you simply grab what ever your pallet desires and what of course looks good to the eye.  The price depends on the color of the plate, but you can also order off of the menu as well!  I did both, as I am impatient and kept grabbing plates off of the menu until my ordered food arrived. Needless to say, I ended up with quite the stack of plates!  You can choose (depending on how crowded) if you would like to sit in a booth, or around the conveyor belt. However, if you sit a booth, you are unable to experience the fun of grabbing what looks tasty.

The staff on both occasions I dined in were very friendly and they also accommodated to my lack of French and helped me order (as the menu was in French). Would be wise to brush up on your French speaking skills regardless before travelling to France. I wish I would have on all 6 times I have been there!

As mentioned above, Planet Sushi is very affordable for fresh delicious sushi and  Japanese fusion cuisine. Not to mention, the strikingly modern decor you get as well.  I approximately ended up spending around 40-45 (Euros) and this was split between 2 people.

My overall experiences at Planet Sushi have been excellent. The only complaint I would have is that it can be rather crowded depending on the time you dine in, which was evenings for me.  On the bright side, peep in mind that overly crowded restaurants is always a sign of good food!  Next time I am in Paris, you better believe I will be dining at Planet Sushi!

I would rate this restaurant 4 out of 5.

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