Scissr: A New Lesbian Web Series

by December 15, 2012
filed under Entertainment

A new lesbian web series is on its way. Creators Lauren Augarten and Katie Scoones have teamed up to bring us Scissr, the story of four lesbians living in Brooklyn. The pilot episode (now in the making), features the four gorgeous leading ladies on a particularly bad night in their lives. Through the magic of iPhone, they connect through a new app and together they meet up at a local bar.

What I really liked about the idea for this show was it promises to give us an authentic take on what it is to live as a gurl who likes other gurls. The ups, the downs, the struggles, the triumphs…all that good stuff and more. Lauren and Katie tell us that they wanted to create a show that wouldn’t simply define their characters by their sexuality. After all, being a lesbian is about more than being attracted to other women!

The actors they have cast look promising; and they are sure they will fit the roles of the four women perfectly! So far the leading ladies are: Jamie Clayton, who will be playing Niamh, an aspiring writer; Kelly Sebastian, playing the role of Emily; Paulina Singer who’s playing the character of Corey, gurl skateboarder; and finally, Lauren Augarten who plays a newly out of the closet woman named Aviva. You can check out Scissr’s Facebook page here to read up on the show, Lauren and Katie and the cast.

If you’re interested in making a donation to the project, you can do so on their Indiegogo page here. They have already reached their goal of $3,000 in order to start development on the pilot episode, but a web series project like this is always in need of more donations big and small.

Donations vary from $15 to $750 and you get bonuses depending on the amount that you donate. If you donate $15 you get a private link to view the pilot before it’s released. If you donate more than $100 you get the private link, a free download of a Rachel Ward song, a signed copy of the script, a downloadable version of the pilot episode and a thank you in the credits of the pilot.

So gurls, if you want to see a web series that will give us the real lesbian experience, reward you for your donations and not water down their characters to the barest of their sexuality, check out Scissr!

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