Girls Season 2 Episode 1

by January 15, 2013
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itsabouttimeAlmost getting it kind of together – that’s the tagline for season 2 of Girls which premiered Sunday night on HBO. Which begs the question, are the gurls of Girls finally getting it together?

Hannah: Hannah might actually be on her way to almost getting it kind of together. She has a paying job at a café, she’s still finding time to work on her writing, she’s getting along with her new roommate Elijah, and she might even have a new man in her life. When Hannah tells her new guy that she’s “taking the time to figure out what [she’s] looking for in a romance relationship” it’s clear that this is not the Hannah of season 1. Just when I was getting excited about the new Hannah, it’s revealed that she’s playing nurse to Adam (who has a broken leg after being hit by a car), bringing him pain killers and granola bars at his beck and call. Adam is under the impression that he and Hannah will get back together because she used to have feelings for him – and because she’s apparently not allowed to change her mind. When she finally goes full Taylor Swift and tells Adam that they are never ever getting back together, I could have given her a round of applause. Hannah’s declaration that “I’m an individual. And I feel how I feel when I feel it. And right now I feel like I don’t ever want to see you again,” was the most empowered I’ve ever seen her. I truly hope that this is the last of Adam, but I say that almost every episode so I’m not getting my hopes up just yet.

Shoshanna: Shoshanna is trying really, really hard to get it together, and unfortunately she is failing miserably. Apparently Shoshanna wanted to date Ray but that didn’t really work out because he found her emoji filled text messages too annoying. Despite her proclamations of self-respect and “I am woman hear me roar,” it’s obvious that Shoshanna was really hurt by Ray and is not over it at all. Shoshanna has a fight with Ray at Hannah’s and Elijah’s housewarming party, and then the 2 of them start making out, and absolutely nothing is resolved. I hate to say that Shoshanna doesn’t have it together based on her relationship (or non-relationship) as I don’t think Shoshanna should be solely defined by a guy. However, this is Shoshanna’s only storyline right now and it’s really all I’ve got to go on when dissecting her character. I adore Shoshanna and would love to see her get the same level of attention and character development that Hannah and Marnie receive.

Marnie: Marnie is not getting it together at all. Marnie is not even attempting to get it together. I had so much hope for Marnie at the end of season 1; I wanted her to grow, become more independent and figure out what she wants in life. That’s obviously not happening anytime soon. Marnie follows Charlie around like a puppy dog at Hannah’s party, then almost has sex with Elijah (who thinks he might like gurls and guys but probably just likes guys), and then shows up at Charlie’s because she can’t bear to sleep alone. I want to feel sympathetic towards here because she’s clearly going through a difficult time – she’s single for the first time in years, she recently lost her job and Hannah is too busy to be there for her – but I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for her when she feels so incredibly sorry for herself and isn’t even attempting to move forward.

Jessa: I have no idea if Jessa is getting it together or not because Jessa was only in this episode for 40 seconds (I timed it. It was actually 40 seconds). Jessa is hilarious, smart and fascinating – I really hope we get more Jessa time in future episodes, because I don’t think I can handle large dosages of Marnie whining.

As of right now, most of the gurls are not getting it together. Not even a little bit. But would we want it any other way?

Missed the episode? Watch it here.

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